Watermelon with Mint

This is an appetizer we did for Samuel and Lisa’s wedding. I was dubious at first, but these little appetizers are delicious! That and it’s gluten and dairy free, simple, refreshing and really, really easy to make.

My trick to picking delicious watermelons:

  1. Don’t buy watermelons that have been sitting outside in the heat.
  2. Find heavy watermelons that sound hollow. Not thuds. Hollow.
  3. Test two or three potential ones to find the best.
  4. Try and buy from places that have set prices instead of by the pound. (you’ll save money that way)


Watermelon with Mint

Mint leaves

Cut watermelon into 1″x 1″ cubes. Top each cube with half a mint leaf and secure it with a toothpick. Serve cold.


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