Week 5- Shallots

I was pleasantly surprised by the nice flavor of these onion like vegetables. I kinda took to the nickname Devil Onions because I had to peel several pounds at school and they can sometimes me more powerful than onions.


Week 4 – Figs

I didn’t think I liked figs and so when they were brought to school for us to try, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a sweet flavor and a funny texture that I cannot really describe. The ones I bought were less sweet, but the flavor was still good.

Week 1- Dragon Fruit

My goal for this school year, is to try a new ingredient each week. This week, I picked up a Dragon Fruit from Winco for just over a dollar.

The vibrant color and unusual shape made me want to try it, even though I had no idea how to eat it (that’s when Youtube comes in handy) The outside texture feels like a mango (minus the weird leaves).

I was shocked to see how white it was inside! The texture is a lot like a kiwi with the black little seeds. Different varieties have different colored insides. 

¬†This is the fruit chopped up. It was really easy to scoop out with a spoon. It was really mild tasting, kinda like a watery kiwi (ish). It’s kinda a familiar taste but we couldn’t quite place it.