Tortilla Roll-ups

We love these so much that we rarely make them and slice them properly, but just cut them in half like a sandwich.


10″ flour tortillas
Cream cheese or mayo
Mustard of choice
Meat of choice
Cheese slices

Spread condiments on, lay cheese slices (I usually have them a 1/2-1 inch wide) down the middle. Lay three pieces of meat along one half of the tortilla. Fill with as much lettuce as you want. Tightly roll (this takes practice, but the more your do it, the easier it gets). Slice in 1-2 inch slices.


Turkey: combine cream cheese with cranberry sauce till smooth (cream the cream cheese for a long time before slowly adding cranberry sauce). Use that filling topped with meat, cheese, lettuce and pickles if wanted. Roll and slice.

Roast Beef: combine horseradish with cream cheese and use that filling topped with roast beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and cooked asparagus.

Ham and Cheese: Ham, mustard and cheese with veggies.

Peanut butter and banana: spread peanut butter on tortilla. Place whole banana down the length and roll. Slice and serve.

Peanut butter and jelly

Veggie Wrap: ranch dressing, veggies of choice, wrap, slice and serve.


Cucumber Sandwiches

My older sister and I went on a week long road trip to Tennessee and back and this is what we had eight times in the car. We never got tired of them and surprisingly enough, the last one we ate was by far the best!

salt and pepper

Spread mayonnaise on bread. Top with thinly sliced cucumbers. Salt to taste (and pepper if wanted) That’s it!

On the Road!

During our month long road trip, I wanted to eat and serve tasty food. I wanted to avoid eating fast food and excessive amounts of junk food. ūüôā

The Styrofoam containers and little sauce holders made making the food so much easier. I put the cheese and cucumbers in two different sandwich bags to keep them from making the entire dish soggy. This is our favorite pasta salad recipe!

Chicken salad sandwiches were a favorite. With grapes and green onions and served with pickles and chips. The foil wraps were awesome to have, saving me time in wrapping sandwiches. 

Tortilla roll ups were delicious, but more time consuming to make. 

Bologna sandwiches. I would never have served these, but my sister said they were delicious and they were! 

After so many days of sandwiches, I was so eager for a salad and made a spinach salad. It tasted wonderful! 

A makeshift gyro. Roast beef, tzatziki, spinach and other veggies in a tortilla, it was actually really tasty. 

This was so delicious! Mexican salad with cilantro, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes beans and chicken over lettuce (though I had spinach). 

The breakfast that we had some of the days. Bagels and cream cheese, yogurt and fruit. We also had granola and yogurt for some of the days.

Chicken Salad

These are delicious sandwiches and travel beautifully!

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 teaspoon garlic, minced
2 cups grapes, cut
4 chicken breasts, cooked and cut up
1 cup cashews or walnuts, chopped coursely
1/4 cup celery, chopped
green onions
canned peas

Mix salad ingredients and serve on croissants.

For a simple version, leave out cashews, celery, peas and grapes.
Serve on a different bread.

Claire’s Tuna Salad

We had a fun time at Kayak Point for a picnic dinner. I love how it was hailing just a couple days ago and was gorgeous enough today to have a picnic! I made this for dinner along with Strawberry Basil Salad . This is by far my favorite way to prepare tuna!

2 cans white albacore tuna, drained really well
2 -3 tablespoons Garlic Expressions Salad dressing (which we usually buy from Haggen)
1/2 cup Relish, Or more if needed
1/2 cup Mayonnaise, or more if needed
carrots, chopped into tiny bits
celery , chopped into tiny bits
onion, chopped into tiny bits

Combine all ingredients. Start out with a small amount of mayonnaise and add more as needed.
Can also add chopped peppers or any other vegetables. Usually served with bread, pita, pita chips, taco chips, rice cakes or vegetables.
 Tastes delicious with served with head lettuce or sprouts.

Roast Beef Asparagus Sandwiches

One of our favorite spring time sandwiches.  My brother loves sun dried tomatoes in it, but I prefer the fresh. Could also do mustard instead of horseradish.

1 loaf French bread
12 ounces deli roast beef, Or less
2 tomatoes, sliced
1 bunch asparagus, cooked and cooled
3 tablespoons horseradish sauce (horseradish with mayo)
3 ounces cream cheese, softened

Slice bread lengthwise. Toast lightly.  Spread with horseradish sauce and cream cheese. 
Top with tomatoes, deli meat and asparagus. Slice and serve.